The Holy Monastery of Sinai supervise the Mount Sinai Foundation in Athens, Greece, a non-profit organization that helps the holy monastery in the coordination of activities aimed at the protection, the study, and the appreciation of the monuments of Sinaitic heritage. For the materialization of a part of the forementioned objectives of the Mount Sinai Foundation, it is building the complex of The Eurosinaitic Centre of Studies and Communications and Exhibitions in the area of Tragana of the Municipality of Atalanti of the Region of Fthiotida in the central Greek mainland, from where it will be easy to have access to the data of the Sinaitic Monuments Archive in digital form, and in combination with the organization of exhibitions of Sinai monuments, elements of the popular bedouin tradition along with relative scientific and educational one-day meetings and programmes in parallel with projections of virtual reality productions in multimedia that will make reference to the Sinaitic tradition and heritage.