The unobtrusive as well as the humble conduct that characterizes the Sinai fathers’ way of life across the ages has greatly contributed to the fact that the pilgrim sites of the Sinai area are held in great respect, while the fathers’ prayers continue to be exercised without any hindrance to such an extent that at various periods this ministry has been sustained by great historic leaders who have placed the Holy Monastery of Sinai under their protection. Indeed, in our days, this tradition is continued by contemporary leaders as well as by important persons both within and without the Arab Republic of Egypt, and who, with great zeal, aid the monastery so that under the present conditions it might continue in the exercise of its spiritual, philanthropic, and cultural tradition.

The initial appeal not only of the simple people, of the anchorites or of the bedouin, but even that of great religious and political leaders for the blessing of the Most Holy Virgin of the Burning Bush and from a certain period and onwards the taking recourse to the protection of Saint Catherine creates an important tradition in the seventeen centuries long life of the Holy Monastery of Sinai, regardless of the fact that it might be situated in a remote area of the South Sinai. Parallel with this, the outstanding spiritual and cultural tradition of the holy monastery, combined with the great reverence that is reserved for Saint Catherine, particularly in the Western world, have contributed to the fact of everyone wishing either to proceed with the offering of precious ex votos or with participating in various efforts aiming at the safeguarding of the holy monastery’s pilgrimage sites. In this field, of a tantamount importance has been the factor that the holy monastery represents a point of encounter not only for the faithful of the Christian world, but also for Jews and Moslems.

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