The Holy Monastery of Sinai’s Dependencies Out of Egypt

Today, the Holy Monastery of Sinai has dependencies operating in four countries. In Turkey it has its dependency in the Galata area of Constantinople. This is considered a historic site since, during the period of The Ottoman Empire, it was here that from time to time the Patriarchs of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem convened in order to solve matters of the Orthodox Church. In parallel with this, in the period preceding the Greek Revolution it was in this self-same place that there took place the encounters of the members of the Filiki Heteria. At the site of the said dependency there rises the Church of Saint John the Forerunner.

The dependency of Lebanon is situated in Tripoli along with the Church of Saint Catherine. In Cyprus there are three dependencies: one in Lefkossia (Nicosia) along with the Church of Saint Catherine, and two others in Vassilia in the area of Kyrineia (Cyrene) where the respective churches are dedicated to Saint Paraskevi and Saint Marina.

In Greece there exist nine independent dependencies. In Athens there is situated the central dependency along with Saint Catherine’s Church and the dependency of Saint Barbara at Aharnes of Attica, as well as the shrine of the Dormition of the Mother of God at Alepohori in Megara of Attica. In Crete, at Herakleion there is the historic church of Saint Catherine as well as the dependency of the Evangelist Matthew; at Ayios Vassilios of Pediada there is the Holy Convent of the Most Holy Virgin Spylaiotissa (of the Grotto), and at Perivolia of Kydonia, the holy monastery dedicated to the Holy Trinity. At Ioannina in Epirus there is a dependency with a Church of Saint Catherine, while in the city of Thessaloniki there is a small lodging-facility with the Chapel of the Prophet Moses. In the Sinai Texts there are given the addresses and the names of the parties responsible for all the Sinai dependencies.

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