Other Outlying Buildings

The other areas within the fortress walls serve the needs of the monastery in various capacities. In the past, supplies were transported to the monastery with great difficulty, and reached the monastery infrequently. For that reason, many storerooms were needed to keep wheat, oil, and other foodstuffs. The early kitchen area is located in the northeast corner of the monastery, where two old mills are still in place. To the northwest is the office of the Oikonomos, who was responsible for the supplies of the monastery. Pilgrims are given hospitality in this area following the Liturgy on Sundays and feast days. Other offices are ranged along the western wall.

An area to the west of the basilica was used in ancient times to crush olives and extract olive oil. The circular area with its great stone wheel, and the olive press, are still in place.

Rooms in the centre of the monastery house the rooms of the Archbishop, the offices of the Secretary, and the Synaxis, where members of the community gather to discuss various matters pertaining to the monastery. The large building along the south wall houses the monastery library, conservation workshops, and the icon storeroom.

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