The Holy Monastery of the God-trodden Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine 's Monastery
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Cultural Inheritance
Icons and Iconography
Protection and Promotion of the Monuments
Sinai Studies


The architectural ensemble of the Sinai monastery is a record in stone, mortar, and wood, of its existence over the past seventeen centuries. The centre of this ensemble is the sixth century basilica, with its intact doors and ceiling beams, all of which are surmounted by the mosaic of the Transfiguration. Throughout these same centuries, offerings and gifts have been made by distinguished sovereigns and humble pilgrims. And the monks themselves have created manuscripts and icons as a part of their devotion, or offered their own gifts to the sacred site. These now constitute a veritable Ark of Christian art, and include icons, manuscripts, engravings, articles of ecclesiastical metalwork, carvings, embroideries, vestments. These attest to the unbroken continuity of the monastery’s existence, and to the devotion of pilgrims and rulers throughout its history.

The Holy Monastery of Sinai preserves these treasures in trust for the whole world, and makes every effort to preserve them in the best possible way, with the support of the government of Egypt, and in keeping with the UNESCO inscription of Sinai as a World Heritage Site.

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