The Holy Monastery of the God-trodden Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine 's Monastery
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Old Testament
First Millennium AD
Second Christian Millennium
Beginning of the Third Christian Millennium


The Holy Monastery of Sinai is located in the Biblical land of Midian, at the site of the Burning Bush, and at the foot of Mount Sinai, where Moses received the revelation of the Law. In the Roman world, the area formed part of Arabia Petra, in distinction to Arabia Felix (centered around Damascus), and Arabia Deserta (the present day Saudi Arabia). Christians came to the area, escaping the persecutions, in the third century. They were succeeded by anchorites who deliberately went out into the desert, at the end of the third, and the beginning of the fourth centuries.

The monastery has existed for seventeen centuries, the very symbol of God’s revelation, and of man’s response in prayer and spiritual striving. The peace that has existed between the monks and the bedouin has made Sinai as well the emblem of peace between peoples of differing faith, language, and culture. In addition, the monastery has been the goal of pilgrims and visitors throughout its history, a holy place.

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