The Holy Monastery of the God-trodden Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine 's Monastery
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Introductory Report


UNESCO, the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, following the recommendation as well as the relative discussion that took place in the course of its Convention for the Protection of the Cultural and Natural Heritage (held in Paris between April 8-13, 2003) presented the candidature of the area of the Holy Monastery of Sinai for inscription in the existing catalogue of the corresponding Monuments based primarily on criteria iii, iv, and vi. An interesting point of the comments that accompany the Introductory Report is constituted by the mention of the meaning that the Sinaitic Heritage has as the point of encounter of the faithful of the three great monotheistic religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and that in last analysis through its inscription there shall be offered a chance for the projection of a message of peace through the Convention for World Heritage Sites.

During the Convention held in Budapest of Hungary, on the occasion of the thirty-year anniversary of UNESCO, there was decided the final inscription of the broader area of The Holy Monastery of Sinai under progressive number of inscription 954. While the text of the brief description is the same as the one that resulted in the Introductory Report, among the justifying criteria there was included also criterion (i), that in the course of the Introductory Discussion had been dismissed. Criterion (i) is rarely is used as it does not refer only to immovable monuments but also to movable ones, which in the case of the Holy Monastery of Sinai referred to its religious treasures, to its library, etc.

UNESCO, through its resolution, substantially ratified the fact of the continuous presence in the South Sinai region for a period of seventeen centuries of the said spiritual and cultural tradition which was so important for Christendom, as well as for Judaism and Islam, as well as sanctioning thus the safe-keeping of the pilgrimage sites represented by the Holy Monastery of Sinai and the honour reserved to Saint Catherine to whom there have flocked, across the centuries, simple people or great leaders, as they continue to do even to this day, bearing gifts, or as the anchorites, who offer themselves; while, the bedouin inhabitants of the area turn towards the monastery, as to their great protector, as it continues its ministrations towards them to this same day.

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